Welcome to CS699: Software Foundation Lab!

Instructor: Prof. Kavi Arya

Lab Schedule

Week #LabLaunch Date
1Environment Setup / Basic Linux & WebDev04-08-2021
2Bash basics + Git + Markdown11-08-2021
3SED/AWK + Project Announcement18-08-2021
4Latex Basic + Advanced25-08-2021
5Python Basics01-09-2021
6Python Advanced08-09-2021
7Mid-Sem slot Initial Presentation15-09-2021
8Web-scraping / DB / Networking22-09-2021
9Initial PPTs29-09-2021
10Java Basics/Android Basics06-10-2021
12Project Week20-10-2021
13Project PPT27-10-2021
14Project PPT / EndSem08-11-2021 to 20-11-2021

Course Introduction Video

Link to the slides: